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Build your own 3D printer:
Heads for your 3D printer and supplies

Multipurpose and multifunction 3D printer FABtotum

Heads and accessories will help building the perfect device for your needs

The FABtotum Personal Fabricator is not only a 3D printer, but a multifunction/multipurpose machine able to switch from a task to another in a few seconds with just a couple of steps.
This means it is not only able to 3D print objects from a drawing: the FABtotum is able to cut off material from whole pieces, a manufacturing technology which is the opposite of printing. A CNC machine has the same structure of a printer. With cartesian axis the switch from a function to another is even simpler, as the codes will be the same. And this is only the beginning.

The core idea of FABTOTUM is to have a unique machine able to complete a large series of tasks that all together would normally require multiple devices. Starting with 3D printing and milling, the first prototype was already a big change step compared with what was available on the market. Rapid prototyping has never been so simple.

An head for everything

The FABtotum, as a multipurpose machine, works with interchangeable heads which can easily placed on and off: this is what makes the difference. Once the tool is installed, the FABtotum will be a completely different device.

Discovering them one by one will get a clearer idea of what they are able to produce and which one are the best for each use. Of course, they can be added later, purchased separately and studied to be retrocompatible with any FABtotum version.

Get your FABtotum Personal Fabricator today, get it how you need it!

Printing Head

3D Printing Head V2 for FABtotum 3D Printer

The one you’ll need to 3D print using the FFF technology. The FABtotum’s Printing Head is capable of high resolution prints.

It can print PLA, PETG, ABS and more. Max temperature is 250°. All the specs will get you a clearer idea though, check them.

Printing Head PRO

Testina per stampante 3D professionale con direct drive extruder Printing Head PRO

The Printing Head PRO is the first head module of the FABtotum PRO line.

What’s new with that? What’s the difference with the Printing Head V2? There’s more than one…

Milling Head

The Milling Head is the best add on if you need to carve, mill, drill materials such as foams, woods, metals and PCBs.

The list of suitable materials is even longer. Check the specs and find out what you can do with it!

Laser Head

Engraving and cutting with Laser Head for FABtotum 3D Printer

It will get you the chance to engrave materials. And yes, it can get you PCBs done fast.

More specs are in the dedicated page.

Laser Head PRO

Laser Head PRO for FABtotum 3D Printers

That’s the newborn among the add-ons.

This is the laser marking, laser cutting and laser engraving tool developed for professional needs.


Palette+ for FABtotum 3D Printer

Explore multi-material and multi-color 3D Printing: soluble, durable, flexible, colorful.

Expande your FABtotum with Palette+.

Why an all-in-one machine is better than having a device for each technology?

FABtotum Personal Fabricator 3D printer head installing

Space, ease to use, costs saving are the main reasons. Best choice for small business or even private people who might not have a big room to dedicate to projects and prototyping, a multifunction like the FABtotum occupies less than 50cm.

It is easier to use a multipurpose device like the FABtotum as learning is required just once: as with any new technology, the first approach might be puzzling, but as fast as the user get accustomed the hardest part is done. 3D printing as well can be quite confusing, as a lot of tasks are still asked to the final user (drawing and slicing mainly): if used to CNC machines, though, everything on the FABtotum will look familiar, more than it would be using completely different set of tools.
Last but not least, an all-in-one machine allows to save budget so that it can be dedicated to projects. Add-ons will normally cost less than a whole device: this means that with a FABtotum it is possible to have a mini laboratory on a desktop.