3D Printer Filaments and Materials Types:
PLA, ABS, Nylon and Special FIlaments

3D printing quality depends on the hardware used (i.e the 3D printer) but also on the materials used. It is common to see failed 3D prints due to the use of the wrong filament.

Whether it is PLA, ABS, Nylon or a special and rare filament, they must be good and well stored. Quality is fundamental because a poor one will not extrude fine, even using a good 3D printer. FABTOTUM offers a wide range of spools: they are high quality filaments, 100% Made in Italy. Tested one by one on the FABtotum, they are the best combo for the hardware used. It is as well important to choose the right material for each 3D printing job: size, object, final finishing are just some of what makes the difference. The type of color and filling also influences the surface quality as well as the structural resistance. So, how to choose the right material for a 3D print? How to store the spools? What are the differences between PLA and ABS? What about special ones? And Nylon?

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