FABUI Colibri: the first ever Operating System for 3D printing

User Friendly. Stable. Open Source. Free.

The FABUI (FABtotum User Interface) Colibri is the first Operating System completely developed by the Team to control all the FABtotum Personal Fabricator functionalities, including 3D printing, Milling, Engraving, Network Management, Diagnostic and File Management.

More than a 3D printing software, it is preinstalled onboard: this means no download and no required space on your computer. Just run the first setup and in a minute you’ll be ready. Once it is connected to the WiFi there is no need to be phisically linked to the FABtotum!

Always connected, from anywhere

The FABtotum is capable of printing autonomously: this means that once the task is started there is no need to be connected to it.

Choosing between cabled LAN, Wireless LAN and even remotely from the Internet (Your Network must be properly configured for this), you can have access to FABUI Colibri from any device, any time. Thanks to FABUI Colibri any command will run faster to the machine, speeding all operations.

Users and developers have access to a well known development ecosystem, the Raspberry Pi’s Raspbian Linux distribution to develop more applications. The FABtotum features a customized web management app, SSH and VNC server on the local network, so with one authorization code you can access all the functions of the machine: 3D Printing, Milling, Diagnostics.

All these functions are accessible not only from anywhere in your local network, but also on any device with web browsing capabilities. Enjoy the pleasure of printing remotely from your smartphone, tablet, your windows Pc, Mac, Linux, Android, IOS. You can use touch screen devices, mouse, keyboard – you name it!

FABUI software for 3D printing: PC, MAC, smartphone and tablet