Best Materials
for 3D Printing and CNC Machining

All the FABtotum’s available technologies need a specific material to work with.
For example, 3D printing can be done with many different filaments, while the range of milling and engraving is even wider.

A hard decision: the right material

Before choosing the right material for the job it is fundamental to pick the right technology to create the object we want, which is represented by a different Head or add-on mounted on the FABtotum Personal Fabricator.

A top-quality surface will be easier to be obtained with a milling tool but the overall 3D shape might still be easier to 3D printing. In some cases 3D printed shapes cannot be obtained with subtractive machining in the first place.

Engraving is easy to be achieved with a milling bit, but the need of a really thin line or a writing will require the use of a Laser Head or a V-carve engraving tool. The same Laser won’t be the best choice when it comes to cutting deep or to reproduce 3D objects, as engraving can only be obtained on flat surfaces.

Regardless of your choice the materials available are related to the technology used:

Additive Manufacturing (such as 3D printing)

Best 3D printing filaments for 3d printing and CNC machining

Subtractive Manufacturing (i.e. Engraving, Laser Cutting etc)

Best materials for 3D milling machine FABtotum