PRISM SLA 3D Printer


    Hi-definition Stereolithography joins multipurpose additive manufacturing.

Multipurpose 3D Printing meets STEREOLITHOGRAPHY

Increase the potential of your Personal Fabricator

PRISM is the Stereolithography (SLA) platform for FABtotum 3D printer

FABtotum PRISM is a Stereolithography (SLA) platform for the FABtotum multipurpose 3D printer device (FABtotum PRO).

With PRISM you’ll be able to reach unprecedented levels of details and complexity on top of the capabilities of the FABtotum Personal Fabricator.

The fused filament fabrication (FFF/FDM) does not produce fine details and can only work with a limited amount of polymers.
Milling or laser engraving are precise and work with lots of materials but require some fiddling with CAM and CAD Sotfware.
DLP (Digital Light Projection) and SLS (Selective Laser Sintering) are precise but can be expensive for big volumes and are limited to certain Light-activated resins.

FABtotum PRISM adresses that.


The PRISM Platform is compatible with the core device of FABtotum Personal Fabricator (1) and it can be easily installed, without any modification.

The FABTOTUM PRISM platform is composed by two main elements:

  • the PRISM Module Body (2) over which is mounted the vat where light-curing resin is poured (3);
  • the build plate (6) that is also mounted on the FABtotum Z axis, and provide the surface on wich the print grows layer by layer.

Prism is compatible with existing FABtotum Personal Fabricator versions.

Preparing the FABtotum for stereolithography is quick and easy, and the process is reversable, so the user can go back to work with other modules such as FDM, Laser engraving or Milling.

FABtotum PRISM module for SLA 3D Printing

Fabtotum Personal fabricator (CORE/CORE PRO)


PRISM module body


Resin Vat (container)


LCD photomask


Build Plate support (Z Axis)


Build plate


Build plate lock screws

STEREOLITHOGRAPHY – Fields of application

Stereolitography (SLA) 3D Printing for jewelry


Create wonderful and luxurious designs, both as prototypes and for casting with specialized resins.

Make “fitting pieces” to provide a consultative experience which builds excitement and delights your clients. SLA 3D prints are sturdier and more cost-effective than wax originals and can be reproduced or adjusted with a few clicks.

As with jewelry, most 3D printed models for the Art/Fashion/Conservation sector are used for actual production of parts, making traditional methods obsolete and inadequate from an economical standpoint.


Print detailed and precise prototypes in very little time.
SLA allows to increase the complexity of the prototype or to make batches without increasing the overall task time, something that traditional FDM 3D printing is not able to do.

Create functional, smooth prototypes fast and efficiently with different colors and resins.

Use Stereolithography in conjunction with other manufacturing techniques available on the FABtotum Personal Fabricator such as FDM 3D Printing , Milling & Engraving and Laser engraving.

Stereolitography (SLA) 3D Printing for rapid prototyping
Stereolitography (SLA) 3D Printing for medical applications


Stereolithography is widely used, due to its precision, to create physical anatomical models from MRI scans.

3D printed models provide crucial tactile knowledge.
This can be used to great advantage especially with patient-specific surgical rehearsal.
Depending on the part reconstructed, parts can be removed (e.g. a cross section) or a specific part can be made removeable.
Such models allows the opportunity to safely practice and refine surgical skills in preparation of the actual operation.

3D printing has been shown to increase understanding in spatial relationships of parts, resulting also in less time spent in staging the operation.


  • High definition 3D printing

    Print functional high definition parts with details simply impossible for classic FDM printers thanks to a hi-definition LCD screen and proprietary image processing routines.

  • Faster

    Thanks to an hi-power UV LED emitter, each layer takes less to make than comparable solutions.

  • Autonomous

    No need for a PC, the FABtotum provides the instructions to work autonomously.

  • Reliable

    Thanks to a special Aluminum Adhesion platform, precise Z controls down to 0.47 microns, failsafe hardware & realtime temperature monitoring.

  • Reduced waste

    Almost all the resin in the printer goes into the print, with only a negligible amount lost in postprocessing.


Logo FABUI Colibri 3D Printer Software

Autonomous Printing

PRISM is controlled directly from the FABtotum user interface (FABUI) on Computers, Smartphones and tablet.FABUI own’s project manager stores the 3D files for use and management as well for printing.
the FABtotum is connected to the local network and to the internet via my.fabtotum as well for remote control. Share your printer with colleagues and friends and take control of your workflow.
Enjoy the freedom of control from anywhere, anytime.

learn more about FABUI

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All your 3D Printers on your tablet

CAM Toolbox Compatible

CAM Toolbox is a cloud service, accessible from the FABtotum user interface, capable of preparing 3D files for printing, laser engraving etc.
With CAM Toolbox STL files can be converted for use with Prism in minutes with ease.

CAM Toolbox is accessible from the FABUI user interface, so that no computer or dedicated slicing software is needed.

FABtotum 3D Printing and CNC Company: Make Anything You Want
3D printer heads and supplies: your DIY 3D printer

A world of manufacturing

PRISM is one of many  modules and modular heads that make the FABtotum Personal Fabricator a multipurpose platform.
Work with different tecniques and materials inside an integrated manufacturing software and hardware platform.
this reduces operation costs and allows to upgrade the platform at any time with the latest manufacturing solutions.

Cut/print/mill/engrave multiple materials like wood, plastic, foam, resins, flexible materials, cloth and assemble them.
With the addition of PRISM, The FABtotum personal fabricator is the most versatile prototyping device ever conceived.

Upgrade or Bundle?


3D printing at its best

The professional solution to hi-precision 3D printing

  • Hi precision down to 48um
  • Emission : 50W @ 405nm
  • Print volume: 123mm x 70mm x 175mm (XYZ)
  • Autonomous Slicing & Image processing
  • Quick installation
  • Easy Manintenance
  • Exchangeable Flexible FEP