Laser Head Pro

  • Laser Head PRO

    The Professional Solution to Laser Engraving needs.

Laser Head PRO
the Professional Marking, Cutting and Engraving tool.

The Laser Head Pro

The new Laser Head PRO is the latest addition to the PRO line of optional heads.
It is meant as an improvement over the Laser Head, suitable for professionals, small business and the industry to support other rapid prototyping or lean manufacturing activities.
With the Laser Head PRO all tasks can be executed faster and more reliably. PCB engraving, Laser Marking, Laser cutting of suitable materials is easier and takes less time.

Laser Head for 3D Printer equipped with Fumes Extraction Port

Fumes Extraction Port
Vacuum compatible.

Smoke is vented backwards and can be filtered by a third party filter or shop vacuum in accordance with smoke treatment requirements.

Laser Head for 3D Printer equipped with Built-in automated Focusing distance finder

Built-in automated Focusing distance finder.

The focusing distance finder moves automatically the head to the beam focusing point to save you time.

Laser Head PRO for 3D Printer equipped with Built-in Zeroing Cross Laser

Built-in Zeroing Cross Laser

A built-in laser cross helps you find the zero position of the piece, makes positioning and re-tooling of parts easy and painless


  • More power for your projects

    Class 4 Laser. Up to 4 times more power output than the Laser Head at 2000mW.

  • perfect and quick zeroing

    For the first time, automatic on-head Z height distance sensor and additional laser zeroing aid to ensure perfect zeroing of the part.

  • Smoke extraction inlet

    The head is provided with a air vacuum port (36mm ID inlet , 1″ 3/8 ) for optional filtering (vacuum cleaner not included).
    Even without it an onboard active cooling with temperature control and smoke dispersion prevent damages to the optics.

  • Made for tough task

    Meant for continuos operations, unlike many low cost alternatives, can keep working for several hours.

  • Quality guaranteed

    The Laser Head PRO features US-made optics and hi-efficiency solid state Laser diode of Japanese origins.


Wood laser engraved with Laser Head PRO for FABtotum 3D Printer


Coated aluminum laser engraved with Laser Head PRO for FABtotum 3D Printer

Coated Aluminum*
(*only for laser engraving)

Polymers laser cut with Laser Head PRO for FABtotum 3D Printer


Wood laser cut with Laser Head PRO for FABtotum 3D Printer

MDF, Cardboard, Paper

What is it possible to do with the Laser Head?

Picture Engraving and Marking

Logo CAM Toolbox, FABtotum
All your 3D Printers on your tablet

Easy to use Software: CAM toolbox compatibile

The Laser Head PRO is bundled with one month of FABtotum’s CAM toolbox laser software.
With it and your source files (DXF or JPG/PNG rasters images) you will be able to generate the necessary Gcode instructions directly from the FABUI interface.
With CAM toolbox all your projects are ready for manufacturing in a matter of few clicks or taps!

Some examples of what you can make:

  • PCB engraving with photosensitive masks( phositive and negative) from raster images
  • PCB engraving with photosensitive masks from Vectorial DXF.
  • Coated aluminum tags engraving from raster.
  • Coated aluminum tags  marking from DXF.
  • Origami-like features with cut and fold lines on paper and cardboard
  • Cardboard and paper Marking from raster images and DXF
  • Card and paper engraving from raster images
  • Balsa and Wood engraving from raster images
  • Balsa Cutting from DXF
Laser Head PRO for FABtotum 3D Printers

Laser Head PRO

The Laser Head PRO features:

  • Manufactured and made in Europe, U.S. – made optics.
  • 2 lens glass assembly
  • 2000mW Class 4 laser module
  • Smoke Extraction Duct, ID: 35mm, 1″3/8
  • Calibration laser cross aid
  • Sensor for Z calibration.
  • Continuos and PWM mode
  • Standard Gcode Compatible
  • Onboard Cooling for continuos operations
  • Optical Shock Protection shield
  • Built-in smoke lens protection
  • Included OD5+ safety goggles.
  • 1 month of CAM Toolbox service included – requires an internet connection.