Introducing Palette+, Multimaterial extrusion compatible with FABtotum 3Dprinters and FABtotum filaments.

Multi-material and multicolor 3D printer: FABtotum meets Palette+

Palette+ for multicolor and multimaterial 3D Printing with FABtoum 3D Printers


Expand your FABtotum with Palette+.

Palette+ combines 4 filaments and feeds them into the FABtotum in real time.

  • Print impossible overhangs with water-soluble support.
  • Make heat- and water-resistant models in 4 colors of durable PETG.
  • Create functional, end-use products by combining PLA with a flexible TPU.

Get the most out of your FABtotum 3D Printing Head

The Palette+ is compatible with all FABtotum units running the Printing Head PRO.
With the Print Head PRO flexible filaments and special filaments can be used.

Mosaic Manufacturing + FABtotum 3D Printers: try Palette+ for your multicolor and multimaterial 3D Printing
Soluble PVA Supports for 3D Printing

Soluble PVA Supports

With the Palette+ you can use soluble supports on the FABtotum.
This allows to print incredibly complex models.
Opposite to mechanical supports, soluble supports are removed in warm water without much effort.

Hybrid rigid and flexible 3D Printing

Hybrid Flexible/Rigid Prints

Using flexible filaments is possible in conjunction with standard PLA.
This allows to create hybrid rigid/flexible objects where the the flexible part is used to make hinges or other moveable/flexible parts.

3D Printing without interruptions

Continuous Printing

Palette+ can feed up to 4 filaments to the Printing head Pro.
With 4 times the material, you can print big objects non stop without changing spools.

Try Gradient Mode for 3D Printing

Gradient mode

The Palette+ can smooth out transitions between colors. This effect can be used to create gradients on objects.

Expand your creativity

Palette+ available for FABtotum 3D Printers


Palette+ by Mosaic Manufacturing:

  • Weight: 5kg (11lb); 17lb shipping wt.
  • Compatible Operating Systems: Windows, Mac, Linux (tested on Ubuntu 16.04)
  • Data Interface: SD Card (included)
  • Update Connection: USB (cable included)
  • Control Board: Arduino-based
  • Palette Power Requirements: 12V, 6.67A DC
  • Power Adapter Input Requirements: 100-240V (50/60Hz), 1.6A AC
  • Mechanical: 7 x NEMA 17 Stepper Motors
  • Additional Software requirements:

    Mosaic Chroma software (free software that accepts G-code and tells Palette+ how much of each filament is required) works on Windows (7, 8, 10 or higher, 32-bit and 64-bit), macOS (Mountain Lion/10.8 or newer), and Linux (x64, tested on Ubuntu 16.04).